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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi, I am a commercial real estate broker, and built a database of all the buildings I have a mandate on. I have several tables, around 60 records and more than a hundred fields to describe them.
I need to be able share a selection of them (not all the fields) with my customers (potential buyers/tenants). I mean a specific selection adapted to the customer’s needs.
I tried two ways :

  • Softr, but I came to the conclusion that it’s not suitable to sharing more than a few fields for each record, and is not flexible enough for my needs.
  • Sharing an Airtable filtered gallery view, specific to each client, restricted to “copy”, which is fine… ans much simpler (and cheaper).

I understand the the client can download/copy the information contained in this view. And make it’s own Airtable database or CSV with it.

But is there a risk he could potentially access to the rest of my database ? Other fields, records or tables ? Is a kind of backdoor possible ?


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When sharing an Airtable view directly, you can turn off the ability to easily copy the data.

When you share a single view of a table, only the information you share is available. People cannot access the rest of your database.

Thanks ! Same thing if I allow the copy ? The access (and copy) remains restricted to the view ?

Yes, if you allow copying, they still have access to only the records in the view. Note that you also can choose whether or not to allow access to all fields in the expanded view.

Thanks for your answer, great news !

Greetings from Nice, France.