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Show unique values from multiple field from a linked table

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Hello, i’d read all discussions here to resolve my issue and nothing work, how i can get it done with this discussion :slightly_smiling_face:

for this i created two tables, one contain survey results and the second contain users entries, they add their profil and based on automation airable add via the linked field all similar profil, until this point all is good.

For one of the survey questions, i asked people for main daily missions they do (multiple select field), when i check the lookup or rollup field that get missions data from all result i see many missions many times, i would like to have unique values but seems impossible, i tried all tips that i found here :confused:

any advice please ?

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I’m not sure if I fully understand what you’re trying to do, but I think this will solve your problem:

In the users table, keep your lookup field that looks up the missions (i.e. the multiple select field). This lookup field might end up showing you many repeating missions for each user.

Then, while still in your users table, create a formula field that refers to that lookup field like this: ARRAYUNIQUE({Your Lookup Field})

That will show you only the unique missions for each user.

thanks for the input here @ScottWorld !
i just add this formula but still showing me duplicated entries :confused:

i am looking for the solution from last week :confused:
maybe i can share the table ‘inprivate’ to understand the structure ?

Sure, or you can post screenshots here.

I received your base via direct message.

As I mentioned above, you will need to create a formula field, and then use the formula that I wrote above, but substitute the name of your lookup field in the formula like this:

ARRAYUNIQUE({Missions lookup})

tried too, i always see the duplicated values :confused:
check formula field value please =on same link

its very strange, isnt a bug ?

No, you haven’t created a formula field yet. You’ll need to delete your rollup field first, and then you’ll need to create a formula field.

no i created a new field named “formula” please check !

i probably missed some thing :woozy_face:

Hmmm… that is strange. I created a sample base and it works fine in my sample base. So I’m not sure why it’s not working in yours. I would email about this, and report back with what they say!

thank you, i ll contact the support and keep you updated here if any person have the same problem !

i got a reply from airtable support, its impossible to get done with arrayunique :confused:

What you are seeing in your table is expected behavior. When a multiple select field is used in a lookup or rollup, each record with a unique set of selections (including selection order) is seen as a separate string.

They shared with me a formula that i can use but its very complicated to customize, it consiste of using IF FIND …

IF(FIND(‘Choice 1’,ARRAYJOIN({lookup})),‘Choice 1’)
& IF(FIND(‘Choice 1’,ARRAYJOIN({lookup})),’, ’ )

need to be applied on all choices that i have, impossible //

i tried to create an intermedia formula to get text from a lookup table and then using arrayunique in other field but its not working too…

very confused