Show value/price in "Price (from Room Details)" if the status is Available and Becoming Available

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am trying to add a formula that if the status is “Available” and “Becoming Available” in “General Listing Calculation” tab it will show the price from “Price (from Room Details)”. Not sure how to start.

I guess it will be like this IF({General Listing Calculation}= “Available”, {Price (from Room Details)}) but not sure how to add “Becoming Available” in the formula

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What kind of field is Status? Anyway, I think your solution is to use OR(), like:

IF(OR({General Listing Calculation}= “Available”, {General Listing Calculation}= “Becoming Available”), {Price (from Room Details)})

Just adding the second value to the if condition with the OR().