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Slow record fetching an updates

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I'm working with a fixed asset inventory base with close to 6000 records.  One of the issues that I'm having is the slow record fetching after scanning a barcode.  My primary field is a formula field that pulls from the barcode field.  I have a view that only shows a minimum of fields that I need to update the record as last seen at location on what date.  When I select the current date to show when I last saw this record it lags.  I find that if I push the record up with a finger gesture on my iPad it seems to update quicker, but not always.  I've tried creating different views by sorting the barcode field to see if that would help the indexing of the field for faster record fetching, it hasn't.

Anything ideas on what to try next?  My attachments are already over 20g and I'm less than half way done with the annual inventory.

All the Best!


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How slow is slow, as in, seconds? Minutes? And how many tables do you have - are they linked? Are there many other rollup or formula fields in any of the tables?

Hello Karlstens,

Slow can be approximately a minute or longer.  I actually downloaded a CSV file from The schools banner database. to Airtable, so it's actually all 1 table that I call `imported table`. No rollups. The formula field that I have is just a pull from the barcode field to the primary field.

Is there any difference in speed when running on a Desktop vs the iPad, or any other device?

My desktop is ethernet, all record fetching almost instantaneous.  My iPad & IPhone lag even when I show a strong 3 bar wi-fi signal.  Of course I only scan barcodes from iPad & iPhone.

If you check the website from all of your terminals, do they vary greatly, or pretty much all the same?


I tested my record fetching time on my work iPad via wi-fi.  It takes approximately 1 minute and 11 seconds for the record to be retrieved.  I checked my iPhone & iPad speeds on at work with the results of iPhone: 640mpbs & iPad @ 500mbps with 3 bars of wi-fi strength.