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Sort by Interaction Date on Contact Record (Linked Record)

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4 - Data Explorer

We are using airtable as our CRM system. We have an interaction tab set-up where our sales team records interactions with leads and clients. When we open the contract record the interactions need to be sorted by the “Date” field - located on the interaction area. Even with the view being sorted by date they are not appearing sorted by data on the contact record preview (sample image attached). Can anyone provide insight on how to get them to show up in the correct order?

BD Interaction Sample

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In that expanded record view, you’re looking at a list of linked records from your [Interactions] table. Unfortunately Airtable doesn’t offer any features for changing the link order. It just keeps them in the order that the links were added.

To see the interactions for a given contract in chronological order, go to the [Interactions] table and make a new grid view named something like “Solo Contract”. Add a filter to only show interactions linked to a specific contract, then sort the resulting records by date.

To make this a little less cumbersome, add a checkbox field on your [Contracts] table (guessing the name), and name that field something like {Solo}. Over on the [Interactions] table, add a lookup field to pull in that checkbox value. Change the filter to only show records where that {Solo} check is present, and leave the sort in chronological order. Now when you want to see the interactions for a given contract, check the {Solo} box for that contract (making sure to uncheck others), and that [Interactions: Solo Contract] view will show only that contract’s interactions, ordered chronologically.

FWIW, I got this idea from audio editing. Most DAW (digital audio workstation) software has buttons for soloing tracks, so you can easily isolate specific tracks you want to hear. This felt like an appropriate situation to translate that idea into database form. :slightly_smiling_face: