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squarespace integration with airtable

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I have a squarespace website which currently interacts with zapier and airtable to create a new record in my airtable base every time I submit a form on my website. That same form submission also causes an acknowledgement email, containing form data, to be sent to an email address inputted by the website user into the form. In general I am trying to find a database solution which will work with my squarespace website, and airtable is one of the candidates. I need my squarespace website java script code (which I am well versed in) to be able to do the following: 1. Search the airtable base for a record; 2. perform an atomic read/update function on the record so that only one website instance at a time can read/update and no other website instance can access the record in between the read and update. I need to find out if this is possible by integrating squarespace and airtable, and if so I need to be pointed in the right direction concerning implementation. I am not certain, but if there is a solution I suspect the java script on my squarespace site would somehow have to gain access the airtable API for my airtable base. Thanks pjm.


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Why you think Airtable would be a good candidate for this?  What other options you considered?

With air table, when submitting the form, I was able: To cause an automatic confirmation email to be sent to the user who has supplied their email address to the form; and to, with the same submission, put a new record of the submission in my airtable base. The confirmation email is important to me and is the only way I have figured out how to do that. Since airtable has been part of that solution, I have been trying to use it in this additional manner. I haven't tried other solutions only because I don't know what to try. Please let me know if you have any ideas which I could try.

The atomic read/write you mention can be done, not sure if at API level, but probably using a specific column for that