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Staffing and Staff Management/Allocation

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SO in my base I have records of staff, then I have records of their positions (designations), and then I have the projects. I have done some ong winding process by which we enter transfer aof staff and then we track the last transfer of the staff and allocate that person to that project.

The place i need assistance is, that I would like to have a list infront of the projects as to who is the person of that designation against that project. Ie - To find for a project - chart of the people as per their designations. (I have attached a photo showing the new part i would like added).

So the objective is to create a chart showing project wise people as per their designation. This is required when staff needs to be transferred for a new project or when a project is winding down etc.

I am still filling up my own data and just working with some sample text.


Screen Shot 09-05-22 at 06.18 PM

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Sorry I forgot to give the link to the base