Stuck with airtable design for my Webflow website

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi fellow airtable users,

I’m trying to build a no-code solution with Airtable, Memberstack, Webflow and Zapier and I’m stuck with the airtable design for the set up.

Here is a gist of what I’m trying to achieve through this.

  1. I’m using Webflow/Memberstack as my front-end to create a place where a user can customize an ecard to be sent to one or multiple email recipients.
  2. My first step is to collect an image and a text for the inside of the card via a form(I created an inside info table for this) and another form to collect the back image and text for the card(used another form and a table called back info).
  3. I would like to link the 2 tables(inside info and back info) using a common identifier(not sure what that is to be. Maybe it should be an email field), but at the same time need to know that the 2 records belong to the same card. How do I set this up?
  4. I’m using a Webflow form to pass the email address from Memberstack to the airtable form(Inside info and back info). But I’m unable to update the correct record with the correct email address.

Please help! Here is the preview of my Webflow website - Without Coffee


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