Suddenly thunkable app hangs when reading airtable linked fields

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

In my App (made with thunkable) I store all the used data in airtable tables. Concrete example: The main-table is the “tb.ITteam”. In this table I have a couple of usual fields like firstname, lastname, shortcut, etc. And I have some linked fields like function and group. Function is linked to table “tb.function”, group is linked to table “”. I use this method to ensure, that values in the fields function and group (in table tb.ITteam) are crosschecked for validity in tb.function and Everything worked fine for about two weeks. Here is the block-snip where you can see how I read those fields:
You can see (No. 1 & 2): these are the linked fields, all others are unlinked fields.

Without me changing anything (neither in the app, nor in the tables) suddenly, my app hangs when reading 1 & 2. I am sure about this point, because a ran a test where I deactivated only the blocks 1 & 2 and everything ran fine (of course - without the values function and group). This happens on all platforms: on phones with iOS & Android, on web. Unfortunately I’m right in the middle of a beta-phase and have around 20 installations already running on users devices. All these worked perfectly until last weeks wednesday. Then suddenly the app hang as discribed here. I have already posted to thunkables support without any reaction - so I really, really hope to find a useful hint here in the airtable community.

Do you have any ideas about this case? Thanks a lot in advance!

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