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Sync records in different tables via a certain Field

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Hi Guys,

So I use Airtable as a CRM for all the incoming requested quotes via a Form on my site.

Each quote get it’s unique ID which i then define as a field in Airtable. When someone fill in the form the submission an automations creates a record in two tables: Outgoing Leads Table and Archive Table.

Now I want to connect both records via their ID. So if i change the data in the Outgoing Leads table of that record, than the data is automatically changed for that record (with the same ID) in the Archive Table and the other way around. So both records are connected to each other and pratically the same

Is something like this possible?

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I would not recommend setting up your database that way. Instead of creating records in different tables, you would be better off keeping one record per quote, and creating different views instead.

I cover views in depth in my free Airtable training course: