Team members to only view they respective projects outside of Airtable via emai?

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4 - Data Explorer

I would like to know whether our team who are not full-time are able to view their respective project details outside of Airtable say via email. As our field leader would not want the team to see details of another team member’s information: Jack - Burundi , Daniel- Tanzania , and Ryan - Mozambique for example, each member should only have read capabilities of their respective projects? Is this possible outside of Airtable via the field manager sending them their project details via email from Airtable or would each team member need some sort of access to Airtable to view their respective projects only?

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Welcome to the community, @Jack_Cooper!

You can create separate views, each one filtered to show a certain employee only.

Then, share each view with its respective employee.

You can learn more about sharing views here: