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Tips on creating templates for the "Create child linked records" script?

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Hi there! I’m trying to develop a base to manage my company’s work and break out tasks effectively. We create artistic assets for clients, where each asset involves multiple stages of production (each stage roughly corresponding to a discrete task). I’ve created in my base an “Assets” table and a linked “Tasks” table - for ease of use, I was in search of an automated way to batch create multiple records linking “Tasks” to specific assets. I found the “Create child linked records script,” which is a great solution for this. However, this script only creates empty records (excepted for the linked field) - after records are batch created, I need to go in and manually enter the stage of production for each new task record from a single-select field.

I’m wondering if there’s a way to further automate this function by “templating” the script so that it creates a record for each production stage? This would be especially helpful, as we create multiple different asset types that involve different stages, so I’m further wondering if I could create multiple templates.

Has anyone worked with this script before, had a solution to a similar issue, or encountered a workable edit?

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Thanks for directing me to this! Great solution!