URLs not opening in Android app (Build 1.13.0 (89))

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Is anyone else experiencing this?

I use an NFC tag system to open URLs quickly to specific records relating to each job I have in my workshop. This has been reliable since June last year, and just broke last week. Now it only opens the airtable app on the home screen and doesn’t go any “deeper”. I have tested this in the desktop browser version and it works fine, it’s just the Android App im having trouble with. The URLS are listed in my airtable, so I have also tested clicking from within the app (to rule out problems with other apps on my phone) and the same thing happens. Like I say the URL’s are solid, and its nothing to do with the NFC end of things. This started happening around 7th Feb '21.

I am on Samsung SM-N960F running Android 10
Kernel 4.9.118-19869079

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