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4 - Data Explorer

I have an enterprise system that I want to serve as a data source for Airtable. Is it possible to house data for AirTable in external sources? Ideally, I would want to connect Airtable to my data source for real time data access. Not so ideally, I would want Airtable to either reach out to my data source on a scheduled basis or schedule a push of data from my data source into Airtable on a scheduled basis.

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Welcome to the Airtable commuunity!

What is your external data source? How close to “real-time” do you need?

Airtable can have synced tables with external data sources. However, the sources are limited right now, and sync updates may not be frequent enough for you.

There are automations that can trigger based on a new row in a Google sheet. The automation can then adjust data in the base.

You could also schedule an automation to run a script that fetches data from your external source.

Or you can use the REST API to send changes to Airtable.


I imported some data from a Google Sheet - how do I make sure all changes made in a base are synced back to the Google Sheet?

If Goolge Sheet is not supported for two way syncing with external sources, what is? Thank you!