User getting "You are not permitted to perform this operation" message

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There's a user in my client's workspace who has already been invited as an interface collaborator with Editor permissions for some interfaces I created. The problem is, the user is not being able to create a record in one of those interfaces that already has the Editor permissions.
When the user tries to create a record this message appears: "You are not permitted to perform this operation".
Could you help me solve this problem please? The weird thing is, a few days ago the user was able to create records and didn't have this problem. I don't understand what happened because I didn't make changes to the user permissions. 
I already made sure the user has Editor Permissions to that interface, and that table has the permissions that Editors and up can create records. 
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Hmm, perhaps try creating a new page in the same interface with a grid or something and allowing record creation from there.  If they can do it on the new page, then there's something specific about that other page that's weird and needs to be investigated

If they can't, then I think I'd just try removing all of their permissions entirely and then reinviting them and see if that worked