Viewing Calendar but locking it for editing?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Airtable team,

I’m a novice user and have benefitted GREATLY from Airtable. I am currently the only Airtable user in the company and I use it for planning tasks for production in a manufacturing facility. Nobody else sees this calendar, yet.

I have reached a point that I need to be able to put the Airtable Calendar View up on display on our factory floor on a 50" 4K monitor, for the rest of the team to view. Especially for when I’m on vacation or otherwise not at the facility. However, it’s imperative that this is a “View/Search Only” access. I don’t want anyone accidentally moving anything, or having access to AirTable using my login credentials.

I definitely want them to be able to scroll through the upcoming weeks, and perform searches for various criteria. I just need to be sure that there cannot be any edits made to any of the calendar entries, and no new entries added.

How can I do this?

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Just share the view by clicking on the “Share View” button and then using the URL that it provides.

Shared views cannot be edited in any way.

Scott I had not even noticed this. I just set it all up, thanks. So simple.