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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I have a view of a table shared with non-Airtable users. They can view the table fine with the link I gave them. My table has a notes column and I’d like to reference another record within the same table by saying “please see here”, with "here " being a URL link to another record.

As an Airtable user, I can click the link and it works - I can see the other record. However, the non-Airtable users get blocked. They’re being asked to request access to the entire base, which I would not like to do. Is there a way for the non-Airtable users to view the record URLs in the comments section without creating a new column for linked records?

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

No and yes.
There’s no way to make it so that the record link from within the logged-in app is accessible to non-logged-in users. But…

You could put the record URLs from your public view into the comments field.

  • Your non-Airtable users would then be able to open them just fine
  • Your logged-in users could also open them, though they would open in a new non-editable tab that matches the view non-Airtable users see

Open a private browser tab and navigate to the publicly-shared link you’ve given to your non-Airtable users. Now open up individual records and you’ll see that the URL of this tab changes in a predictable way when viewing these records.

The logged-in links look roughly like:
https//{GUID for the base}/{GUID for the table}/{GUID for the view}/{GUID for the record}

The public links look roughly like:{GUID for the shared view}/{GUID for the table}/{GUID for the view}/{GUID for the record}

Since the publicly-viewable URLs follow predictable pattern, you could also use a script (or an automation that calls a script) to grab the notes field and copy the data into a second field column while replacing the logged-in record link with a publicly-viewable record link.