When I input a date with the Date field, how can I ensure that it's in my timezone?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I track contract dates in Airtable. I need to use this field as a reference in an email automation. However, in order to have the date show up correctly in the automation, I have to use the Set_Timezone formula
–here’s my formula --DATETIME_FORMAT( SET_TIMEZONE({Contract date}, ‘America/Los_Angeles’), ‘MMMM D, YYYY’)–

When I use this formula, the date now changes in this formula column in my database to the day before the date I have in the Contract Date field. This seems ridiculous that this is an issue and I assume I’m doing something wrong.

I could just write a day ahead of the actual contract date to “solve” this issue, but again, this seems ridiculous.

How can I set up my Airtable so that when I input the contract date, it’s in the timzone I’m in, so that my formula field (which I have to use so that it shows up in my automated email) is synced correctly with my Date field?

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Does the date field show only the date, or does it have a date and time?

If your date field does not include the time, do not use SET_TIMEZONE, and the dates will match. This is because when you use DATETIME_FORMAT on a date field, the formula automatically assumes that the time is midnight, GMT time. When it is midnight in GMT, it is the previous day in Los Angeles.

If you are using the Airtable interface, make sure that your date/time field is configured to not use the same time zone for all collaborators. Then the date/time entered will look like the local time on your computer.