Re: When syncing from Airtable to Shopify some images drop to an article below and thus images end up with the wrong products

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4 - Data Explorer

I am new to Airtable.
We set up an images table. When I synced products from Airtable to our Shopify webshop some images ended up one line lower in the table, and thus images end up with the wrong products.
When I “repaired” the images in the Airtable images table, and synced A>S nevertheless images skipped out of their row to another product and deleted images were still resident in the products table.
How should I properly sync products + their images A>S ?

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How are you syncing your products to Shopify? You would likely want to reach out to the people who created your syncing tool to ask them about that.

After initial failure we asked Airtable support to check the sync settings.

We sync using the standard Shopify Airtable tool.

There is no standard Shopify Airtable tool. Airtable does not provide syncing between Airtable and Shopify. Any syncing between Airtable and Shopify is provided by third-party developers, or is handcrafted for you by using an automation tool like Integromat.

Would that be Basegenius?

If that’s who sold you your Airtable-Shopify integration, then yes.