When will Airtable make the "create a table from scratch" actually start from scratch?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

mainly a tiny rant. but i pretty much always create a new table from scratch. and Every. Single. Time i have go in and delete the extra fields that airtable always includes. i don't want Notes, and user, and status and whatnot.

if it is "from scratch" it should have just the primary field. 

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Ha yea, I basically create one base per forum post so I feel your pain.  My workaround for this was to create an easy hotkey to delete the leftmost fields.  Overengineered?  Definitely.  Helpful?  Very!

12 - Earth
12 - Earth

a partial workaround is to create a new field in any of your tables, select 'Link to another record' as type, and scroll to the bottom of list to '+ Create a new table', type a table name. You will get a new table with one record and two fields: 'Name'(primary) and Linked - the only field to delete.
If you need to create several tables, you can also run following code in script extension, changing names and types according to your needs:


let tables = ['table1','table2','table3']
for (let tab of tables) await base.createTableAsync(tab,[{name:'Name',type:'singleLineText'}])