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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I tried to set up a Zap to create detailed events in Google Calendar when new records enter an Airtable view – the Zap will NOT work (error 400 bad request) if I try to update the event's visibility (public/private) through Airtable mapping. So my question is WHAT kind of field in Airtable will cooperate with updating event visibility in Google Calendar? Through Zapier, when mapping Airtable fields, there are options to select the calendar default, public, private, or 'custom' where you can then map the Airtable field. I selected 'custom' and have tried a single select, multi-select, and even (ick) a single-line text field to be able to update event visibility through the integration, but no luck yet. 


Any advice?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Have you tried using the native Airtable automation to create an event instead?

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I had a 'duh' moment as soon as I read your response and I jumped into trying it out, but it doesn't look like the automation allows for setting the event visibility status at all. So I'm still hoping to learn if there's an Airtable field type that will cooperate with Zapier's Event Visibility 'Custom' mapping option in order to set an event as private or public within airtable and have it update the Gcal visibility status when the integration is triggered.