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Supplier Inventory Integration

I am looking for information regarding this subject: If we have multiple suppliers of similar products, What is the best way for them to submit their inventory to us so we can collect the information then store it in one database that would be "our i...

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View restrictions Airtable base for other colleagues

We have created an event planner for our organization where we assign different events to Airtable users. Therefor it would be mandatory, that if these users will sign in to Airtable, they only see their assigned events (in the overview and calender)...

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Can't upgrde to Business plan

I wanted to upgrade my plan to Business but the system doesn't allow me to do that, it says "The email address associated with your account is not eligible to be upgraded to the Business plan. Please ensure you use a valid email domain"I haven o idea...

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Galley View

If I set up a Gallery View and add attachments, such as images and zip files, will I be able to then grab any image or zip file in the gallery view and drag and drop it into another application, or will I always have to download the files to my hard ...

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Good morning, I am having a problem with my Android devices. When I open the "carpets" table, the application shuts down, but this does not happen with the other tables.

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Name on Google Calendar

We have several calendar views that we have been trying to integrate with Google Calendar. The first couple look lovely, where the visible part on Google Calendar says the event name. However, I created a combined calendar in Airtable. To do this, I ...

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Anybody Out There?

We've been trying to connect with someone about our Enterprise account for almost 6 weeks in regards to a licensing change we want to make. I've had no response from our account executive, or prior account executive. I have not had need to contact ei...

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My data is not saved

Hi,I am managing 4 bakeries, each store has a Tablet with Airtable App. They have to fill in on Airtable the out-of-stock products during opening hours and unsold product at closing every night.I don't know why, but 2 bakeries have the same problem :...

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Autopopulate a "Dynamic Dashboard" from tables?

I've tried onboarding a few times and it's never stuck. Here I am, trying again!  I'm trying to create an dynamic lessons list for homeschooling. What I want is to have a Base with individual lessons (records), categorized by subject, then completion...

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Hi, One of my colleagues with base access shared the web adress to a base with another colleague - not via a share link. This link gives them access to the whole base.How can i disable this link?

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Formal training?

Are there any formal Airtable training programs out there? Certifications?I found a course on Udemy, but I'm wondering if there is a sanctioned program.I am an advanced user who has done all of the existing training on the Airtable site. Still, I cou...

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Airtable Should Do This...

I Was a JudgeI was not a judge in the legal sense. Anyone who knows me, even just a little, would realize this would be a bad idea. Rather, I was asked to judge teams working on new features.Behind the curtain, deep inside the organization, Coda has ...

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Refresh page error

I am getting this error on a table, other tables in base are fine.It says to contact support with this code:Error: pglXpM76tMUXWQRGCHave done this but even though I am a paid Pro account, support is slow as molasses.So if anyone has any ideas lmk, I ...

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