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5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Without using forms, but within AirTable itself, is there any option to build anything like a flow chart, where selecting different options would show different fields to input data?For example let's assume I have an employees table. Each employee ca...
Since the forms layout in the interface is so limited (no ability to add new records in a linked table, no options for lists, grids, etc...), I'm basically using the record details layout as a form for new records entry. The problem is that the solut...
I have several buttons with URLs that launch webhooks from Make.Everything works great so far, except for that annoying browser tab that opens and I have to close each time.Is there a way to trigger webhooks using a button without it opening the “acc...
After using AirTable for a few years to manage some operations of our company, I want to also use it for invoicing.As per our local regulations, this needs to be done via an approved platform. The platform that we are using integrates with Zapier and...
My problem is a bit tough to explain, but I’ll try my best: I have a table with car allocations per people. Those change on a daily basis, so I have many records for each car, and many records for each person. The relevant fields are: Start date, car...