Add new row where you are in the table with Shift + Enter

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Just wanted to share this I just found out about it. Didn’t know about it. There are buttons and menus to create new records but didn’t know there are keyboard shortcuts which quickly made the favorite way to add new records. In particular if you are on the top of the table, there is no new record button (as it is on the bottom) and you had to use the right click menu (too many steps).

So this is nice time-saver.

To add multiple records quickly, you can use the keyboard shortcut Shift + Enter. Start by clicking the primary field above the place where you want to insert new records. Then, press and hold Shift and then press Enter (holding Enter if you want to quickly add multiple new records).

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Yes. You can find all shortcuts via the help section in your base:


Great. I didn’t know the whole menu of things existed, never had to touch help in Airtable so far. The amazing thing about Airtable, you don’t actually need to read help.