Re: Airpress, the Wordpress plugin (formerly named Airfields) has launched!

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I’m proud to announce the public release of Airpress, a plugin for websites!


Airpress gives you access to all your Airtable data, allowing you to create Wordpress websites that are fully integrated with your precious Airtable data. Read more on

Do you think you’ll install the Airpress plugin?

  • Nope. I’m good with Airtable
  • Nope. I don’t have a Wordpress website
  • Sure. I might give it a try sometime
  • Yes! I need to display Airtable data right now!

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Yes. At minimum basic security updates and testing with latest wordpress so that it stays afloat. I’m working to carve out the time to make that happen. When I released this as my first open source project I didn’t count the cost of ongoing maintenance and support and I have obviously struggled with that.

That’s great news - thank you so much :100:

Welcome back @Chester_McLaughlin!

Thank you so much for creating AirPress and making it available.
I use AirPress as the glue for an Airtable portal for a small organization with a microscopic budget, and it works beautifully.

That is awesome to hear.

Yeah, maintaining/supporting code can take as much if not more time than initially developing the code. And monetizing a WordPress plugin takes a lot of effort as well, with no guarantees.

There is less of a need for AirPress now that there are portals such as Softr, Pory, MiniExtensions, and Stacker. But those services all have monthly services fees, and AirPress has a unique system that allows for a lot more flexibility to someone familiar with WordPress and html/css.

Best of luck with whatever path you choose to take with AirPress.

Hi @kuovonne
The plug-in is no longer available. What tool should we use to replace it ? :confused:

There is a wide variety of tools for creating a website with Airtable data: Softr, Pory, Glide, Webflow, etc. You can search these forums for more info.

Hi Joffrey, you can use Air WP Sync which is a brand new WordPress plugin and very promising :slightly_smiling_face: :

Thank you ! Glad someone has done a good tool ! I’ll check this out.

I hope you’ll love it.
Feel free to send us any feedback by email at ! :slightly_smiling_face:

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@Joe_Hewes @kuovonne, feel free to download and install it as well. Any feedbacks are welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:
@cesar_nates, you can use Gravity Forms or Contact Form 7 add-ons (WP Forms, Ninja Forms and Formidable Forms are coming soon) :

Looks great at first look. Any hint on your pricing before we get too involved?