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Re: All new DocsAutomator — Powerful PDF creation from Airtable

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Hi all, I've just launched DocsAutomator v2, an all new & improved DocsAutomator version to make creating PDFs from Airtable data once again easier & more powerful. The following features are now added:

- PDF preview: PDFs can now be previewed straight from the app which doesn't count as a created document on the user's documents quota.
- View selection: You can now select views on linked tables for filtering & sorting.
- Referencing by id instead of names: DocsAutomator now references Airtable fields by id, so their names can be changed without breaking things.

For more, please check out the following video: or visit and test things for yourself 🙂

Of course feel free to reach out anytime!


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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Congratulations on the launch of DocsAutomator v2! It sounds like an exciting update with valuable new features that will make creating PDFs from Airtable data even more convenient and powerful.

The addition of PDF preview is a great improvement, as it allows users to check the generated PDFs before finalizing them, without consuming their document quota. This feature can undoubtedly enhance the user experience and increase productivity.

The option to select views on linked tables for filtering and sorting brings more flexibility to the process, enabling users to customize PDF outputs based on their specific needs and preferences.

Moreover, the switch to referencing Airtable fields by id instead of names is a thoughtful enhancement. This change ensures a more robust and future-proof solution, as it prevents potential issues when field names are updated or modified in the Airtable.

The provided video link and website allow users to explore the new version further and experience the improvements firsthand. Offering a hands-on experience is an excellent way to showcase the benefits of the updated DocsAutomator.

Overall, it seems like you've made significant strides in improving the user experience and functionality of DocsAutomator. Wishing you great success with this new version, and I'm sure users will find it even more useful and valuable for their PDF creation needs. Well done! 🙂