Creating a book summary AI for Amazon using Airtable, OpenAI and Simplescraper

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey all,

While testing the OpenAI API and looking for use-cases with Airtable I put together this demo which creates a book summary AI for the items in your Amazon wishlist. 

What it does: 

- Imports your Amazon wishlist into Airtable (focus is on books for now) via Simplescraper
- Summarizes, tags, categorizes and provides quotes for each book using OpenAI

ss blog - click book summary.gif

Combined with an Airtable Interface it's a neat way to 'free' the items from your Amazon wishlist and make them a lot more searchable and organized. For example it's impossible to search for books by tag in Amazon, now it's easy.

Here's the full guide and script:

Books are just one example. The format can be used to enrich any data that's in Airtable with OpenAI, and the code can be re-used for your particular use-case.

Hope you may find it interesting/useful. 

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