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Does Anyone Have Examples Of An Airtable Base Embedded Into A Website?

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Hi Airtable!

I was wondering if anyone has an example of an Airtable base embedded into a website.

I wanted to see how it works in a website.

Thank you,

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 can see an example at

I’ve built a pretty robust album ranking and playlist sharing website by mostly embedding Airtable on a website:

Hi @francisco_silva and @Adam_Rondeau

Thank you for sending me your example of websites.

They were great!

I am in the process of looking into setting up a website myself and I wanted to see how the end result looks like.

Thank you,

I keep my portfolio in an Airtable base and have it embedded on my website.

I’m creating a website where I will embed a gallery view from AirTable. It looks great however I would love to have a more user friendly filtering method, it would be great if AirTable could allow for a search or drop down box plug in. I’m aware that there are extensions that are available however the cost is not really justifiable. Any one got any advise ?

Hi Adam,

Any tips on editing the CSS to change the design from the default Airtable design? I can’t seem to figure it out. Also, how do you display more than four categories?