How LKF Marketing Creates a Backup of Their Airtable Bases with On2Air Backups

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“We have so much vital company data in Airtable that we would lose mountains of data for our clients and even lose clients if something bad happened. All this work would be soul-crushing to lose." - Sara Ramaker, LKF Marketing


On2Air Backups

On2Air Backups is an automated backup solution for your Airtable bases. Create scheduled backups of your critical business data stored in Airtable and export your information to Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.


  • Automated backups of Airtable data
  • Include Attachments
  • Create filters to choose what to backup
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly Schedules
  • Backed up to Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box


The team at LKF Marketing uses Airtable bases to track client projects, content, tasks, articles, and other documents. Sara creates a base for each new client and shares the base with the client and other LKF staff to use as a central source of information.


Using Airtable to coordinate all the projects and maintain data for their clients was a lifesaver. But they couldn’t shake the sense of dread when they thought about something catastrophic happening and the possibility of losing their data and years of work. Whether it was an Airtable-related issue of data integrity or loss, or if they ever needed to move to another tool.

Every two weeks, Sara would manually download a CSV file of every Airtable base and table (over 35 bases!) It took her at least 4 hours every time. And she didn’t even download attachments since Airtable only allows you to download one attachment at a time.


  • Automated backups of vital company data stored in Airtable
  • Backups of records from their internal operations Airtable bases
  • Attachments backed up to their Google Drive
  • Backups of records from their clients’ Airtable bases


Sara searched for a solution to automate backups of their Airtable records and attachments. She initially looked at Zapier, but Zapier was over-complicated and didn’t have a good option for bulk attachments.

She then found On2Air Backups and a lightbulb went off in her head. She knew On2Air was exactly what they needed.

content calendar backups inside Airtable

Below, you can see On2Air Backups displaying backup options for a Company Marketing Airtable base. It includes all fields and all attachments. With On2Air Backups, you can customize your backup options and create an automated schedule.

content calendar backups screenshot

On2Air Backups


  • Automated backups of all Airtable bases
  • Company data is stored as a backup in Google Drive
  • Peace of mind knowing their data is safe

They now use On2Air Backups for their internal company bases, and they use it for every one of their client’s bases. They have the confidence and security knowing one way or the other, they’ll always have their data.

Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable
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