New Features in On2Air Forms for Airtable - Google Docs Editor, Use w/Softr, HTML Editor + more!

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10 - Mercury

We just announced several new features in On2Air Forms for Airtable! Plus we're about to launch several more in the next week! Sign up for Free to use it with your Airtable bases.


  • Use with Softr (dynamic per logged in user!)
  • HTML Editor, Markdown Editor, JSON Editor
  • Advanced Date and Time Formatting (overcomes Airtable limitations)
  • We're ahead of the game - OAuth Connection that Airtable will require next year

Launching next week:

  • Google Docs, Sheets, Slides Editor! - You can edit or preview any of these files, then save it BACK to an Airtable field!
  • Embed Custom Field - embed a website or any type of online content
  • Spacing field - add space anywhere on the form

Upcoming in the next month:

  • Drag and Drop Form Designer - We're working on making it much easier to build your form and move form fields around with a new drag and drop designer.
  • Multiple Field Variation on a single and multiple rows - With the new Designer, you'll soon be able to add multiple fields or single fields on any row in the same form


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Hannah - - Automated Backups for Airtable
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