Pre-filling linked records IS possible in a form!

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6 - Interface Innovator

When using a form, you can pre-fill linked fields in forms by using the Record ID for the record you want into a single line text field instead of the actual name, then use Zapier, IFTTT, or (my personal favorite) Integromat to update the linked field with that record ID. I realize it’s cumbersome, but you just have to have it, it works. I do this for several of my forms.

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hey Patrick,

Thanks for this tip. That could be really useful going forward for a scenario I have where users add order lines to an an order and have to link the order line to the main order record.

One question on tritggering the integration, does the action which copies the data between the fields run on a timed basis, or can it be triggered by data going in?


Since I prefer using Integromat, it can be either. I use a timed basis just because it’s the easiest to set up, but you could do it instantaneously using webhooks and some additional programming. On the free plan, Integromat runs the integration once every 15 minutes, but for a paid version, you can have it down to every minute if you want. If you’d like to see a specific example, please send me a private message.

Actually, you can’t: Airtable currently does not support webhooks, so there isn’t a way to trigger on creation. That said, a 1-minute poll cycle is probably near-enough to real time for most applications.

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

@W_Vann_Hall A 1-minute poll time on Integromat is going to chew up your available operations VERY quickly.

The ‘top-up’ price for operations is $9 for 10,000 which means a 1-minute schedule will cost around $40/month, just for the task of checking Airtable, let a lone actually operating on any found data.

The Airtable integration with Integromat is quite weak. I’m hoping it beefs up soon.

Update from the Airtable team: we now support pre-filling linked record fields directly, rather than requiring a workaround! It works the same way as other field types.

I was under the impression that Integromat, like Zapier, didn’t burn an action unless there was a record awaiting action. That is, either service could poll all day at 1-, 5-, or 10-minute intervals, and unless there was some activity in my base generating new records or new records in a view, nothing was deducted from my account.

I’m not pleased with Integromat’s level of [non] documentation – and their decision to kill their support forums in favor of their Facebook page is a New Coke-level misstep. That said, there are aspects of their UI I prefer to Zapier’s – and other aspects I bet I’d like a lot, as well, if only I could figure out what the &(%&$! they do…

In a sense both you and @Dan_Weaver are correct. Integromat checks the trigger module for a change (this counts as one operation). If there is no change then nothing continues in the scenario. If there is a change then it continues and each module that is enacted counts as an operation. And yes this can eat up operations very quickly on a 1 minute interval - most people don’t need something that soon.

I have an entire university Makerspace reservation system built on Airtable and Integromat. We get an education discount, so our Standard Integromat only costs 15 per month instead of 30. Even in heavy use at checks every 5 minutes, I’ve never run out of data and operations.

Moving their forum was the dumbest thing they could have done, whatever their reasons. Their documentation sucks a fat one. And yes it’s hard to use… but for some reason I love it. I love the scalability and adaptability it offers. And their support and integration offerings are usually top notch. If I ever need something added to a module, it’s usually added the same day. Not to mention - unlimited modules.

Yes! Thank you thank you thank you!!

I don’t see how to send a PM. But maybe I haven’t earned that badge yet :slightly_smiling_face:
I hadn’t heard of INTEGROMAT until now; it may be the solution I seek (for this request)
— so my ‘non-PM’ is to see if you take on consulting gigs?