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I’ve just written a blog post which some people may find interesting on the topic of sending Email (or other) alerts from Airtable using Scheduled Zapier Zaps. If you’re interested check it out:

Sending Notifications from Airtable

I’d welcome any thoughts and comments!

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Julian,

Very helpful, thanks!

Another workaround, even more hacky, involves no code but 2 Zaps.

This would be via the particular Zapier action types that support line items, such as Google Sheets. The first step would be to use Zapier Formatter’s built in split function and in “Segment Index” choose all. Then, add a new row in Google Sheets using the option hidden under “less common options” : Create Spreadsheet Row(s) with line item support. Then, a 2nd Zap could trigger on the new row and take care of looking up the information needed.

Idea from here:

Airtable staff, if you are listening, then having an Airtable trigger that supports Zapier line items would eliminate the need for either hack. Thank you!