Sync your bank account balances, transactions, and investments to Airtable with Finta

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4 - Data Explorer


Hi everyone :wave:t4:

Over the years I grew tired of budgeting by hand. Also all of the budgeting apps that I’ve tried throughout the years didn’t fully work for me. That’s why I built Finta - sync your financial data to Airtable so that you can make budgeting a breeze.

Here’s an article explaining how Finta works: How to Import Bank Transactions into Airtable

Here’s a link to sign up: Finta - Automate your Finances

I would really appreciate it if you all checked it out.

*Disclaimer: Finta has a 14 day free trial. Afterwards a monthly subscription of $6.50 or a yearly subscription of $60 is needed to continue service.

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hey everyone! 👋 If you're tired of manual budgeting and haven't found the perfect app yet, you should definitely check out Finta. It syncs your financial data with Airtable, making budgeting a breeze. They even have a helpful article on how it works: "How to Import Bank Transactions into Airtable."
For more finance-related info, you should visit They have some great resources to help you manage your finances effectively. Give them a look! 😊