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User created Base Templates....anyone wanna share?

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Would anyone like to share some of their database templates they have created? I am very interested in seeing how others are using airtable especially for customer information tracking and small business records. Thanks!

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I use airtable for law firm work - tracking hours, client intake, and finances. Would that be helpful? If so, how can we share templates publicly?

Hi! We’d absolutely love to see all the templates our users have created. You can follow these instructions to create read-only share links to your bases. I would also recommend duplicating your base, redacting any potentially sensitive information, and sharing the duplicate, rather than the original base.

@Sally_Newman Sally_Newman yes please that would be very helpful. I would defiantly make a duplicate base like @Katherine_Duh Katherine_duh said and redact any sensitive information then follow the instruction they sent. If there was a easier way that users could easily share their airtable bases we would be able to create even more powerful bases by helping each other.

I use mine to track employee time as well. I use the MULTIPLE SELECT option and put in everyone’s name. I also use the SINGLE SELECT option to for disposition (lunch, meeting, called in, clock in, gone for the day, etc). Hopefully you can see the pic below :slightly_smiling_face: Pasted image

I also created a call log for our receptionist also utilizing single select. disposition is who it’s for :slightly_smiling_face:
Pasted image

Another way I use it is for projects. For instance I do submittals and closeouts. Once the job is setup and items are ordered, I have to collect specific documents and data for the item. All the specs, warranties, etc. What i do is list all the items I need and check them off as I get them. There’s a check mark for every step. If there is no check mark that means that item wasnt required :slightly_smiling_face: Pasted image