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Using custom HTML form to create & update Airtable records with Advanced User Auth

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Hi Everyone.

Beenform is a simple form backend product that enables you to setup working web forms that works with Airtable in just a couple minutes. With Beenform, you can hook up your static HTML form, with an endpoint that captures form submissions and creates an Airtable record.

In addition to collecting submissions, you can enable User Authentication in beenform so that any form submission from your users, an automated email with their unique individual link will be sent to them, which they can always use to update only their individual records. All these changes are made in your Airtable base.

Every Beenform form also includes automatic spam filtering, Google recaptcha support etc.

We are still currently in beta, so it’s completely free. Let me know what you think.
You can check it out here . Thanks all :slightly_smiling_face:

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Didn’t get to this earlier, but wanted to thank you @Ezeh_Uche for making this! Added to Airtable resources directory here:

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate