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i have a script step in an automation that i have been using for many weeks. it has been working as expected- with many runs per day. i've been rebuilding some automations, so i've been running them a lot as i test them. just now, the automation stal...
i'm trying to create a List view using the list feature that was rolled out earlier this year. i have three linked tables: Events, People, and Tasks. Events is the top level. There will be a number of People associated with each event. Each event wil...
I would like to be able to manipulate items on my Gannt view based on milestones. if i move a milestone, i want the option to have the items that are dependent on and succeeded by that milestone to adjust (not just one or the other).in Gannt view, if...
I am suddenly having many separate automations fail. they all involve sending an email. in some cases, the automation involves sending more than one email, and it will send 2 emails and then fail on the 3rd (all within the same automation). In other ...
what is the email send limit using outlook? i can't tell if there is a daily limit of sending emails only if using the regular airtable email function, or if it applies also to emails sent by outlook.also, is this daily limit per user? or daily per w...