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The number 1 ongoing feature request from the community seems to be the wrapping and customisation of the header row. Looks like it’s been around since September 2016 and still not actioned. Any other feature requests that beat that one?
Our Jobs & Projects are identical in structure with regards Airtable views. I create a section view with 4 / 5 separate views all predefined. When a new job comes up, I create a new section, then duplicate each view, then rename each view, then alter...
I am using airtable to plan several jobs and projects. I’m looking to add week numbers into the gantt chart and defined table views. For the gantt, they could be milestones? Is there any decent way of doing this please? Thanks in advance. Pete
Is it possible to have an input Mask in the tables / forms? I want a field to be displayed in the format S0123, or another field to be displayed as 4 digits such as 0025 (not simply 25). Thanks in advance all.
Here’s one for you. We have a purchase order for a job, with a total amount in one table. We have multiple work shifts each be a varied amount depending on hours and rates of pay in another table. I’d like to be able to summarise all shifts and subtr...