2-way sync Airtable bases + Airtable & Notion!

Hi everyone! Wanted to share a big update we made for Airtable users.

Today we added the ability to:

  1. 2-way sync between two Airtable bases!
  2. 2-way sync between Airtable and Notion!


About Whalesync

Whalesync is a no-code tool that lets you 2-way sync data between Airtable and other apps.

How it works

  1. Choose the Airtable bases and/or Notion databses you want to sync
  2. Map the tables/fields to each other
  3. Choose sync direction (2-way or 1-way) and turn on real-time sync

(tutorial video)

About the updates

Our Airtable x Webflow sync has been live for a while now, so we’re still very much learning the best ways to take advantage of these new capabilities. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear!


Wow!!! It’s awesome!

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Thanks Hendrik!! Really appreciate it.