Date and Time Functions Functions work with dates/times that appear in Lookup field


Attempts to use Date and Time functions with a date in a Lookup field result in #ERROR!

It would be great to have that working.

DAY() fails with looked-up date

Good point. Copying @Alexander_Sorokin who built our date formulas :slightly_smiling:


Good point indeed! We’ll make it happen.


Hi @Chris_Sanders ,
Have you found a workaround for this?
In my case I’m trying to rollup on a max(values) for date column which is a lookup value result without any success. The rollup returns 0 whatever I do.



I have not. The last time I checked, it still gives the error. :disappointed:


Just found a solution in my case.
My schema is:
Table 1 with the Date field.
Table 2 linked to table one and lookup the date from Table 1.
Table 3 linked to Table 2.

In Table 3 I need to lookup the Table 1 Date value, but through the Table 2 as I don’t have link between Table 3 and Table 1.

What I did is:
In Table 2, add a column that rollup the date from Table 1, so it brings back the same value that is in the lookup field (only way I found to have a valid date format in Table 2).
Then calculate the number of days between a date (say ‘1970-01-01’) and the rollup result and put that number of days in a dummy column.

In Table 3 rollup the value from the dummy column in Table 2 (max Number of day since 1970).
Then add this number to 1970 to get the final date in Table 3.

Seems to be working for me.



Has there been any update on this? It’s been over a year since the last Airtable response…