Kanban View based on Lookup field - single Select or Collaborator


Continuing the discussion from Calendar View based on Lookup field dates:

Now that Lookup fields work for Calendar Views, please extend this functionality to Kanban View.

My use case…

I have a base that covers our video content management and review process. Three key tables and fields are:

  1. Table of Videos: Title, Description, etc.
  2. Table of Reviews, including fields for when the last review was, a formula for when the next review is due, and who will do the review.
  3. Table of Account users, including fields for people’s name, their role in video content management, email address, and a Collaborator field type named Airtable user. (Most, but not all of the team will have Airtable accounts.)

I’d like Kanban Views of Videos / Reviews stacked by the Lookup field which references a single Airtable user. Videos / Reviews kanbans would be stacked by each Airtable user assigned. Any Videos / Reviews assigned to team members who aren’t Airtable users would be listed in the Uncategorized stack.

Lookup field extension is a massive feature extension for Calendar Views. Let’s do likewise for Kanban! :smile:


I’d also like to use a lookup field as the grouping on a Kanban View.

I am using a base to manage a product roadmap. There’s a table of Features and another table of Release Dates (among other things). I’d love to use the Kanban View to group features by release date, given that it’s a single-select lookup field.

My workaround at the moment is to create a single-select dropdown that mimics the value of the lookup field.

Hope this is the best way to “vote”!