New Data Type: Location


Yes please! This would be super-helpful for helping teams plan location photography & filming. It would be extra-cool if team members could see the address in Airtable and be able to click it to get Google Maps directions.


Try adding a formula field like
"" & YourAddressField & " " & AnotherFieldIfNeeded

When you cick on that url it will open google maps and search for that address. It might not work for all but if there is enough address info google should find it. havent tried the link on a mobile yet but shoudl be able to give you directions from the maps app.


It’s likely mentioned above, or in other threads, but if you know your latitude and longitude, or can look them up, formulas like these work great:

(((“” & Latitude) & “,”) & Longitude) & “/10z”

What we can’t do is view multiple records on one map, unless deploying something like Airmaps:

I assume a true Location field and Maps view are on Airtable’s roadmap; can’t wait!


@Kelvin_Floyd: the formula fails if an address contains spaces. Try this one, which replaces the spaces with underlines: ((“” & SUBSTITUTE(YourAddressField, " ", “_”)) & “_”) & AnotherFieldIfNeeded


Yes, it would be great. I’m building a supplier and vendors database so my team can access their information, and being able to search suppliers by location would be great. Imagine you have a new Map view, where you have all the suppliers from your Airtable and you get all the information when clicking on their location in the map.


I am a new Airtable user. I am impressed with the product but surprised there is not the ability to make an address link to Google maps.

Does Airtable review this forum to prioritize future enhancements? Thx.


Oh Airtable is here; and I’m sure Location is a priority on their roadmap. In the meantime, if you can spin-up a PHP server, try Airmaps:



Big +1 for this. Would love it to auto-populate with my current location, as the Date field auto-populates with today’s date.


I could use pre-populated countries (with editable names as I may want USA even when you want United States). Also pre-populated list of states for USA, Canada and Australia (again editable as I may want CA and you want California). Also, lat/long geo-location of some sort so if a photographer wants to upload their location for where they sighted an endangered frog, we can easily accommodate that data. Thank you!


+1 also from my side! Thank you.


This would be a very important feature!
Some use cases:

  • Customer location
  • Trip planning
  • Places list


Would be very nice to be able to capture location from the mobile app, and view it as a marker on Google Maps or Mapbox from within Airtable.


I’d like to see a feature for location. Some great examples in this thread, but I’ll just (maybe repeat) my considerations:

If the location data type will accept grids, then you probably need to consider a generic use, similar a hybrid system. Datum types are not all just floats or ints. Some include letters, like the very popular UTM system. Or specifically incorporate a list of available datum types and their handlers. That will be a big list; just look at the datum types in a modern handheld GPS. This product makes data management so accessible to typical non-programmers, there will be a wide range of industries taking advantage.

A way to determine ‘my location,’ or set a location that would enable a mileage lookup, maybe using OpenStreet Map or Google’s APIs. This would be a big win for calculating l=mileage on expense reports or for tax reasons.

The ability to embed a map based on location data.


+1 here. Would be nice for client information.


+1 on this as well. Locations would be great, especially when linking through the mobile app for vendors that you have set up so you can quickly switch to a direction mode.


+1 Voting for this feature. Coordinates data and an integration with Google Maps is valuable!


+1 for this feature.

I have a garden almanac table that could use something like this. I think it would work as described above but for my particular application I’d love to add a map as its own tab and select locations or regions on the map as data points. Might not even be possible but I would use this to define specific garden areas and could even start logging specific planting location. The map needn’t be an interactive map (ie Google maps) but even a jpeg that could be tagged to create data points would be amazing.


ANOTHER +1 for location field!

there are SO MANY use cases, and this is a super easy way for non-dev types learning to code to engage with how data can be used quickly and impactfully.

i can’t wait to see this implemented!!

It would also easily turn to a “map view” like calendar view, etc.


I would like to suggest a map view that could “read” a field set as location and then project on a map all the records of a database…


This sounds awesome. I already do this using goole maps, but its a bit of a workaround.