Password protect shared view URL's to a database


It would be nice to have the ability to password protect a shared database views link…

Similar to the way Dropbox password protects a folder.

If I have a price sheet database with different pricing levels I can hide columns (such as my cost) by creating a shared view.

I can share a link to the view with my client but it would nice if the link was password protected in case other employees were to stumble upon it.

I have too many clients to grant each permission separately. A password protected link would be a great solution…


Hi Randy, thanks so much for the suggestion! We’ve received other requests for this and it is something we are considering for the future. We appreciate hearing a bit about your use case and the reasons for why this would be useful!

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Hi, I’d like this feature too. I am trialling air table so I can share sales leads with my local sales teams. I capture customer data for all countries, through Formstack. I’ve set up the Zapier integration to get new records into Airtable. The appeal for me is that I can then set up filter views, so my reps only see relevant country data. However, this whole process doesn’t work for me if anyone can access the link - I need it to be more secure than that so I know that people outside my organisation can’t view that data. I like the option of restricting to people with a company email address. Maybe google sheets would be better after all, as it’s locked to our organisation.

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I absolutely support the request of this feature. We want to adopt Airtable in our business environment, and for us sharing data with our suppliers and customers would be one of the main ways to use Airtable. Data protection, however, is a serious concern. It is great that we can forward a shared view URL to a supplier or customer, but we can’t protect it by a password, and if the email with shared view URL link were to be accidentally sent to an outside party, there would be nothing preventing them from accessing sensitive business data. This feature is a necessity! Thank you.


I also support this as my number 1 request. I use AIrtable for my business; I have some databases which I want all my employees to access (such as one containing business development info, contacts, etc) but other ones I only want directors to access (employee & salary info, etc).

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This is an excellent idea. We have looked at sharing views showing our broadcast plans with external partners, having the ability to password protect the information ensures that the information is not public knowledge before we are ready.

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I absolutely would love to see this implemented. I keep some sensitive info in one of my Airtable bases, and I would love to be able to password protect that specific base.

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I agree! I’d like to move some intern onboarding processes from Google Sheets and Forms completely in to Airtable. Airtable seems to be the best, most user-friendly way to cull all the information I need together from the normal weekly schedule interns will be in to automatically feeding new application responses. But I can’t allow all future users on our company account to access this. We’re new users and loving how intuitive Airtable is immensely, but the password protect option either for different bases or even for separate tabs would really be amazing.

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Same here. Else we have to wrap all requests containing AirTables with middleware, which makes it a bit harder to set up quickly. And harder to use it in quick and plain HTML files.

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Hi Victoria,

Just wondering how soon this suggestion will be implemented. It has been 11 months now. Thanks.

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If I understand your need, we had a similar issue.
We wanted to separate passwords and credentials based on security level.

Our solution was to have the admin level and 4 subsequent lower permissions that were not included to the base. We then embedded each view to our company google site which is separated by position or role. Not ideal but suffice for now.


Any updated response from Airtable on this request?


Hi folks! Today we just launched the ability to password-protect base and view share links. This feature, along with email domain-restricted share links, is a feature available on Pro and Enterprise plans only.



Is there a way to pass the password in the URL so my email recipients don’t need to type a password? The purpose of this is so my user can view by a single click, or I can embed it into my email itself, at the same time, the password protected link is safe from public view or from Google bots crawling thru my database.

For example: