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Airtable Employee
Airtable Employee

 Hi everyone! I'm Carla and I am a Software Engineer at Airtable. I'm thrilled to share four new updates to forms in Interfaces that are now available to all Airtable customers! These changes make forms more powerful and allow you to create more sophisticated workflows while simplifying the experience for people using your apps.

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🎯Conditional Fields: Now you can add rules to show and hide fields in a form based on how your users have filled out earlier fields. You can now support more complicated workflows with Interfaces forms, yet your users will only have to fill out the fields relevant to them. 


🔒Limiting Select Options: Take complete control over the available select options in forms. You can now determine which single or multi-select choices are accessible, ensuring a streamlined experience for your users. Say goodbye to unnecessary options cluttering up the form!

limit-select-options (1).gif

📝 Read-only Default Values: Provide valuable context to your users while maintaining control over specific form fields. You can pre-fill fields with default values that users cannot modify to help guide your users through the form while providing them with relevant information.

read-only-default-values (1).gif

💡Helper Text: You can now add helpful instructions or guidance to your form fields. This allows you to provide additional context, examples, or instructions to assist users in filling out the form accurately and efficiently.


 With these updates, we're making Interface forms more powerful and user-friendly. We are committed to continuously refining and expanding the features available in Airtable, and we hope these changes improve your experience with the platform.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future and let us know how we could improve Interface Forms even further in the comments!