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Automation to update record removes previously added linked records

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I am a trader and I have a base that tracks trades that I take.
I can take many trades on one day.
I am attempting to create daily reports for myself, and have created an automation to add trade to my daily report.

However, whenever I add a new trade (record created) and the automation runs, it deletes any other trades previously added to that day.

Anyone know what I should look at to fix?

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Hm, could you share some screenshots of your automation setup as well as your table please?

Sure! Automation below shows one that adds each newly created trade to the correct weekly report. I had same one for daily but same behaviour specified above occurs.

I was wondering if there’s some way that, as I already have daily reports connected to the weekly reports (automation that adds new daily report to weekly report), whether I can skip adding trades to weekly report and just have the weekly report show all trades linked to daily report? If you know what I mean? That would save linking trades to weekly report.


Weekly Report (Showing links only):

Daily Report (Showing Links Only):

Individual Trades (Links only):

Schema (not sure if this will help):

Incredible help from @Adam_TheTimeSavingCo

Extra conditional step added to the automation. If no. of existing records (records length) = 0 then (do what I was originally doing).

If records length >= 1 (eg if there is already a record in there), then we add records slightly differently:


Red box shows addition to my earlier automation update record step:
(don’t forget the comma)

Many thanks again @Adam_TheTimeSavingCo for the help!