Duplicate a whole line item

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4 - Data Explorer

Is there a way to create either a formula or an automation that can create a copy of a whole row in an Airtable base?

Our company has a back end that we created, customers order products and then we create stickers so items can be individually marked. If a customer orders 4-5lb carrots, the single line item reads
4-5lb carrots, Boy and Girl Farm
Then to create 4 individual stickers we have to copy the line item and manually insert a new row 4 times
1/4-5lb carrots, Boy and Girl Farm
2/4-5lb carrots, Boy and Girl Farm
3/4-5lb carrots, Boy and Girl Farm
4/4-5lb carrots, Boy and Girl Farm

This makes it so individual stickers can then be created.

Is there a way for me to create something that would multiple a whole row by the quantity?

I’m super new to data bases and am more likely than not using NOOB terminology or incorrect words for things, so let me know if I can elaborate anyway, I super appreciate it.

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Hi Matthew, yeah this is doable, either through automations or scripting, and I’d be happy to help with either.

If you’re looking to do this via an automation, may I know what’s the maximum number of stickers you might need to create? (The answer to this question will affect how we build the automation)

Before we get into that, I was hoping you could take a look at this base that I’ve put together to see if it solves your problem.

Duplicate a whole line item

To use it, you would just need to update the Stickers Needed field with the number of stickers you needed, and ensure that the Stickers linked field was only linked to the order you wanted stickers printed for.

From there, the Stickers Printing table will automatically display the number of records you’d need. It handles up to 60 rows, and you’d just have to add more records to the Stickers Printing table if you needed more