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Error in Automations

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I received this error when running the test on my action portion of the automation: “Creating the record failed due to insufficient permissions.” I am the Creator of the base and on the Pro plan. What would be the problem incurred with this?

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Check to see if any of the fields are locked (“Edit Field Permissions”)

Kamille, I was so hopeful when seeing your post, but unfortunately, none of them were locked.
Thank you though for the suggestion.

I am having the same issue. Any update on this?

Same issue. No locked fields. All permissions at the Editor level. Automation fails to create a record with the error “Creating the record failed due to insufficient permissions.”

I’m encoutering the same issue! Any update on this topic?

Also having this issue! What are we doing wrong??!

Same. Oddly, my automation flow works to create one record (step 2 of automation), but then fails when it is supposed to create the next record (step 4 of automation). The Create Record steps are identical in structure to one another.

I figured it out.

  1. action was create new record
  2. one field in the record I was creating was a linked record
  3. the record ID for that linked record was a concatenated field
  4. the concatenated field combined 3 other text fields
  5. one of those text fields was empty
  6. As soon as I put a placeholder (“x”) in the empty field, meaning there were no blank fields in the ingredients of the concatenated field, it worked.

lesson - stay away from potentially empty fields in the linked records that you push thru in the automations.

:heart_eyes: Thanks , Amazing!
I’m finding answer for that issue