'Fields Matching Condition' Automation - Field status re-entry / re-triggering of a field match condition

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I have just discovered that the automation for when “record enters a view” will only trigger the first time that it enters into that particular view, for both AT’s new automations and Zapier. Bit of a nightmare tbh!

Is this the same for the automation triggered when a “field matches a condition.” My particular use case is for example using the kanban to monitor a workflow whereby a card may need to re-enter into a particular single select status (eg. imagine there was a status of ‘pending’ and I wanted to the re-trigger an automation to notify the right individuals each time it entered that status via slack)

I cannot even find a workaround using the automation for “any field updates” and a last modified field.


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Your assessment of the trigger behaviors is apparently flawed because I trigger events for existing records repeatedly as they move into views and later return to the same views.

Indeed, a record that enters a view will only trigger an event once, but you kind’a want this. Once you perform an action on that workflow state transition, you are free to leave it in that view and never act on it again. Or, your workflow is also free to move it into another view and back again should it regress within your workflow.

When it leaves and then returns into a view, the trigger will fire again.

Thanks Bill - I don’t think i am entirely mistaken or alone in this (
However, have I misunderstood Airtable’s native / inbuilt automations, in that they in fact don’t suffer from the same problem and therefore can move in and out of the same views to re-trigger?
That is great if so, although I very quickly ran out of the 25 automations that are allowed by AT and am therefore having to make do with Zapier. Ideally the automations won’t be limited for long.