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4 - Data Explorer

Hi All,

im trying to create a button in an interface, of which the interface has a project record picker, that will trigger an automation, to find records in another table.

the project picker is set to a particular table called PROJECTS.

the button is set to find records in a table called PAYMENTS

when creating the button and setting up the automation, the conditions of the FIND RECORDS option can set up all the requirements but won’t limit to the particular project that the Record Picker has selected. In fact it won’t let me have any condition relating to the PROJECT. When I test, it picks all records not limited to the PROJECT.


Is there any way to let the RECORD PICKER limit the button automation selection…



Record Picker: set to PROJECT number ‘100’. So all records assigned with project number 100.

Button set to find all records in PAYMENTS tab with other conditions, but can’t set it to only also find records assigned to project 100…?


Thank you

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