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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

I’ve just seen that Airtable has an Automation update.

Is it possible to now have something run at an exact date and time. I.e. I want to schedule a post to Facebook, I want it to run on the 06/02/2022 at exactly 10:12am. Can I do this?

I’m using ClickUp and I can do exactly this but I have to admit, I like the simple layout of Airtable.

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No, running on exact times is not possible with Airtable. Best you could do is every 15 minutes, and it would likely require writing your own custom Javascript scripts as well.

However, for an easy low-code/no-code way of having your automations run at an exact date & time, you could do that with Integromat by having it run on a schedule every minute of the day (during timeframes that you specify), and check for any matching records in your Airtable database. You would need to pay for their Standard Plan of $29 per month to do this:

p.s. I am an Integromat Expert+ Partner — if you have a budget for your project & you need help setting this up in Integromat, feel free to contact me through my website at

Thanks. I actually use Integromat but was hoping Airtable would have this now with the latest update.