What's the best way to test an automation without actually triggering a client facing action?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

As the subject says, what’s the best way to test client facing automations in my live database?

In order to add an automation (that I’ve tested in a dummy database), I’m required to test my automation in my live environment, but I’m VERY concerned I’ll send the test to a client. The automation sends an email to my clients matching the conditions.

How can I test this safely while also adding the automation to my live environment?

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Split testing the automation into two parts: testing the trigger and testing the actions.

Test the trigger with an action that doesn’t send anything to the client. If the trigger is simple enough, you can skip this part.

Test the actions with a different trigger, such as a special check box field so that you can select a test client.

Then change the trigger to match the proper trigger. Note that you do not actually have to test the trigger again in order to turn it on.